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way down. that puts you at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. patti ann. >> president obama's second inauguration is less than a week away. nearly 1,000 people donated to the inaugural committee. mixing money and mol ticks could influence the president's priorities. >> good morning. a handful of corporate donors are contributing money to the inaugural festivities which is a big shift from four years ago. the president's team said it would not accept corporate cash. now there are those who accept the change that president obama has stopped the role of curbing the role in politics. inaugural event such as at&t and microsoft hold lucrative contracts an critics say this should all be illegal. >> this town can be sleazy. this just contributes to the sleaziness of it. it's not a good thing. it is against the law. this is just an extension of the campaign. so it's a bad idea. >> final preparations are being made for the celebration of president's inauguration. this is the most expensive campaign in history so their goal is making sure they make the fundraising r
they are finding out that snoring is as dangerous as high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes and as a risk factor for heart disease. the way they are doing this is very interesting. they think the vibration of the snoring can effect the main arteries from the heart to your brain increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. this is the first time we are getting this kind of news. what i want people to know if someone next to you is actually snoring instead of just elbowing them and thinking of it as a new sense now you have to take it seriously. you need to bring the person and treat it with an ent surgeon and sleep centers to find out exactly what the risk is. >> it's not just the patients who need to change their outlook on snoring and how significant it is it is the health insurance companies. they treat this as a cosmetic issue. >> until now we were not able to prove exactly what the dynamics of snoring is. we are finding out the arteries are getting thicker and thicker and that's the foundation of having high cholesterol@row sclerosis and heart disease. now they have to take it seriously a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)